Thursday, June 30, 2011

Coming Soon - Pottery Barn Kids Lamp Knock Off Tutorial!

I'm deep into decorating baby B's room and while researching a lamp for her nightstand I fell IN LOVE with this pink rosette Pottery Barn Kids lamp.

But $148??!! Really, I mean really?
I visited my local Goodwill determined to create a knock off of this fab lamp.

I ended up walking out with a beautiful base and a shade that needed a lotta work for $3.54!

Like I said the base was pretty but the shade.. needed help.

After a lot of rosette making I came up with this...LOVE!!! I actually loved the brown base but since it was for baby B's room I needed to girly it up even more.

I painted the base pink first then an off white and then the distressing began. I love how the pink shows through with just a smidge of the chocolate.

Umm, yeah:)
I like it even better than the PBK's lamp!!
A full tutorial on this lamp will be posted soon!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Baby B Turned 1!!!

After having two boys everyone was convinced that I would be insanely disappointed if the third wasn't a girl. But, I really couldn't of cared less. I knew I would have what I was supposed to have. Then the day she was born my inner 9 year old girl remembered how much I wanted a little girl of my own.

So for little B's birthday I had a blast creating every little element. Sewing and baking and glueing (I could go on but I won't:)). It turned out perfect!

The cookie and cake plate.

The table, just as I pictures it in my head.

I couldn't decide on just one cup cake topper, so I just made one of each one that I loved:)

Baby B favored the pink chocolate dipped Oreo's.

But wasn't opposed to trying them all:)

Her feet, dontcha just love those feet?!

She looked like she felt pretty

and big B and middle B were ready to pose.

Okay, well actually I dangled the cookie and cake plate. Details:)

Happy Birthday baby B!!! Oh how I love you so:)

And We Played

Texas is sooo hot, I mean wayyyy to hot!

So the B's and I decided to have some fun with the hose.

A lot of water,

and a lot of smiles,

with some king of the world thrown in:)

Baby B tried to escape from her crazy brothers,

but we got her to come back to play:) I heart summer and little B's!:)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Let's Play Tag Banner

I jut finished a new mini chalkboard banner for Let's Play Tag. I can't wait to use it for little B's first birthday - in pink maybe? Big B and little B were taking a nap so middle B happily modeled the new banner:)

You can find more info on the banners here at Let's Play Tag. Your crushing hard on middle B's shirt aren't you? We made last week following a crazy cool tutorial from Ashley on Ashley Ann Photography. Easy breezy summer fun and the kids had a blast!
Happy Saturday! J

Friday, June 10, 2011

Hello! My Name is Bessie Higginbottom

One morning when the three B's were super duper cranky:( I ran our of the room, grabbed my dear grandmother's favorite apron and reentered as Bessie Higginbottom. I'm not sure where I got the name, or why Bessie required an apron, or a southern accent... BUT it was a hit! The three B's rolled with laughter and happily "ordered" breakfast in bed from Bessie. Ever since Bessie made the scene Middle B gets annoyed if I go AT ALL out of character. Middle B doesn't play with a Bessie with no apron:)

So today the kids were invited to the Bessie Higginbottom Cinema where they were given tickets and coins to go to the concession stand. Nice backward picture right? You get the idea:)

They purchased their goodies and entered the cinema. P.S. Some construction paper, scissors and a stamp set is a poor man's silhouette:)

Little B LOVED the concession stand:)

and the other B's were pretty excited too:)

they loved paying for the goodies

and little B happily scrambled for the leftovers:)

Happy Friday!
Love, Bessie Higginbottom

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Fun - Mask Painting

I made a commitment at the beginning of summer that I was going to bring it! Every day I was determined to do something SUPER fun with the kids regardless of my to do list or how messy it was. Todays event was mask painting.

I bought a pack of super cheap masks at Walmart and they had a blast painting them and then of course running around playing super hero's.

Middle B has painted EVERY project totally black so far - does that mean something? lol
Hope you are having a great Thursday!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nightstand Redo

I purchased this night stand (well, for my purposes it is:)) at Goodwill for $5! After a good sand this is what it looked like

Can we say sweet deal?! The details are amazing and i just knew it would be perfect in my little B's bedroom! First I painted it with a soft off white color. I used Behr's new paint with the primer already mixed in - SUCH a time saver!
Next I picked out this color
which is Martha Stewart's "Lagoon". Dying right?! There is
nothing in her room this color but it was love at first site!

I began to sand with a pretty find sand paper but when that wasn't doing the trick I moved into the 100's and it really started ot come together. Originally I wanted to only see the cream but I got a little to excited and scraped a little to much off only to discover the third wood layer and it looked AMAZING!

In love!!:):)


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Up and running?

Man, I thought I was fairly computer literate until I tried to beautify this little blog! Yikes, not a small task with three kids! But I am sooo excited to see it start to look fairly normal! Bare with me!:):)