Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Baby B Turned 1!!!

After having two boys everyone was convinced that I would be insanely disappointed if the third wasn't a girl. But, I really couldn't of cared less. I knew I would have what I was supposed to have. Then the day she was born my inner 9 year old girl remembered how much I wanted a little girl of my own.

So for little B's birthday I had a blast creating every little element. Sewing and baking and glueing (I could go on but I won't:)). It turned out perfect!

The cookie and cake plate.

The table, just as I pictures it in my head.

I couldn't decide on just one cup cake topper, so I just made one of each one that I loved:)

Baby B favored the pink chocolate dipped Oreo's.

But wasn't opposed to trying them all:)

Her feet, dontcha just love those feet?!

She looked like she felt pretty

and big B and middle B were ready to pose.

Okay, well actually I dangled the cookie and cake plate. Details:)

Happy Birthday baby B!!! Oh how I love you so:)

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