Friday, June 10, 2011

Hello! My Name is Bessie Higginbottom

One morning when the three B's were super duper cranky:( I ran our of the room, grabbed my dear grandmother's favorite apron and reentered as Bessie Higginbottom. I'm not sure where I got the name, or why Bessie required an apron, or a southern accent... BUT it was a hit! The three B's rolled with laughter and happily "ordered" breakfast in bed from Bessie. Ever since Bessie made the scene Middle B gets annoyed if I go AT ALL out of character. Middle B doesn't play with a Bessie with no apron:)

So today the kids were invited to the Bessie Higginbottom Cinema where they were given tickets and coins to go to the concession stand. Nice backward picture right? You get the idea:)

They purchased their goodies and entered the cinema. P.S. Some construction paper, scissors and a stamp set is a poor man's silhouette:)

Little B LOVED the concession stand:)

and the other B's were pretty excited too:)

they loved paying for the goodies

and little B happily scrambled for the leftovers:)

Happy Friday!
Love, Bessie Higginbottom

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