Sunday, July 31, 2011

Anoonment Park

Or at least that's what middle B calls it:) As horrible as it is to admit
I purposefully shy away from large groups
of people regardless of how much fun I know the B's will have.
We were looking for something super fun to do as sort of a grand finale of my mom's visit this summer.
Enter Sandy Lakes Amusement Park. Can we say love? The park was virtually empty. Crazy old school and we never waited for a ride! Right up my alley. We packed lunches and rode tons of rides.

Oddly enough middle B, who is my daredevil, looked on like this most of the day

While big B, my cautious one, rode every ride he could! That's him in the back:)

Little B was happy just looking on

and after the day was finished we said goodbye to our Mimi:)

Thanks mom for the best summer ever!


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