Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ghost Cookies

It is mad hot in Texas and so it really has been a challenge finding indoor (and inexpensive) things for the B's to do. Enter ghost cookies. Does it really have to halloween to make this delicious treat? I think not! Now, having nutter butter's in the house is RISKY and could totally destroy my diet but I am going to test my will power in the name of summertime fun! You will need nutter butters, vanilla almond bark and some black frosting. I have seen many variations of this on the internet. Other suggestions are to use frosting for the coating and black licorice for the eyes.

After preparing a pan with wax paper and melting the almond bark I experimented on ways for us to coat the nutter butter. I think just dropping it in works the best. After you pull it out and set it on the waxed paper - a pastry brush or the back of a spoon works great to fill in where you can see finger marks.

Next add the eyes.

Voila! Ghost cookies - so fun and soooo good! Final step, watch your kids eat way to many and focus on the jeans that you want to get into instead!

Happy Wednesday!

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