Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pick up / Drop off is for the BIRDS!!

Do you remember the movie Mr. Mom with Michael Keaton?


"South to drop off, north to pick up!" Well I am officially shooting a remake of the movie! It's all I could think of after the cluster of it all yesterday. It's funny how that part never registered to me until yesterday. Everyone keeps telling me it will get easier. We'll find a groove, they'll find a groove. Well, I am waiting and I'll let you know when it happens. Big B's day was "boring and long". He missed me too much and didn't want to go back (umm yeah, straight through the heart).

I promised him a new WII game and ice cream for dinner Friday if he went everyday with a good attitude. Don't judge - the truth is I'm glad he's only 6 because little did he know he could of gotten a lot more out of me! lol

Have a great Tuesday!
Michael Keaton

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