Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nightstand Redo

I purchased this night stand (well, for my purposes it is:)) at Goodwill for $5! After a good sand this is what it looked like

Can we say sweet deal?! The details are amazing and i just knew it would be perfect in my little B's bedroom! First I painted it with a soft off white color. I used Behr's new paint with the primer already mixed in - SUCH a time saver!
Next I picked out this color
which is Martha Stewart's "Lagoon". Dying right?! There is
nothing in her room this color but it was love at first site!

I began to sand with a pretty find sand paper but when that wasn't doing the trick I moved into the 100's and it really started ot come together. Originally I wanted to only see the cream but I got a little to excited and scraped a little to much off only to discover the third wood layer and it looked AMAZING!

In love!!:):)