Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pottery Barn Kids Lamp Knock Off Tutorial

Well, here it is! The Pottery Barn Kids Knock Off Tutorial! I am so happy with how it turned out and to share it hear with you! So this was my inspiration and obsession:)

I went to my local goodwill and purchased a deconstructed flared lampshade and base for $3.54! You'll need about 3 yards of a heavy weight cotton material, a glue gun and a healthy stack of glue sticks to complete the shade.

I started with the material and cut it in a width of about 17 inches. Next, on the diagonal to avoid frayed edges, I started cutting 3" pieces. I originally cut 50 pieces of my 3" x 17" pieces.

Next begins the ruffling. Sew straight down the middle of the strips using the loosest straight stitch you have. Make sure not to back space in the beginning or end (it goes super fast because your not securing anything). You'll want long tails on each side of each strip to create the ruffle. (*Some of you may have a ruffle foot - if so - you're a lucky duck and can happily jump ahead:)) If not please read the next few steps - I like to call it the poor man's guide to ruffles:)

One you have goen through and finished all of your strips start by taking a strip and pulling the running stitch creating the ruffle.

Once you adjust the ruffle evenly, take your tails on each side and create a double knot.

Once you've knotted each end cut the tails off. Again, this goes much faster with a ruffle foot but can easily be done without!

Now onto the rosettes! You'll need your glue gun and a healthy stack of glue sticks. You want to fold your ruffle in half and to make sure the two stay together dab some hot glue in between the two pieces.

Next, dab some glue in the top corner and fold it over to begin your rossette

Make sure your ruffle stays folded and keep hotgluing at the bottom and turning the flower.

When your finished it should look something like this.

Once I completed about 20 flowers I loosely placed them on the shade from top to bottom and figured I would need 5 rows. Then I started on row number 1 on top. I placed them around the shade and figured the first row would take 9 rosettes. I did one row at a time. Put a generous amount of glue on the back of the flower

and start placing them.

In the end, for a flared shade that is approximately 9 inches tall it took 61 rosettes. Once my shade was finished I painted the base a hot pink then a cream to match her room. I distressed it to give it a shabby chic look. I LOVE how it turned out!

Since I had the material laying around I made this fab lamp for $3.54! I hope you enjoyed the tutorial! Please contact me with any questions! If you create one I'd love to see how it turns out!


P.S. Next tutorial I won't do a painting project right before and spare you my paint spattered hands:)

Anoonment Park

Or at least that's what middle B calls it:) As horrible as it is to admit
I purposefully shy away from large groups
of people regardless of how much fun I know the B's will have.
We were looking for something super fun to do as sort of a grand finale of my mom's visit this summer.
Enter Sandy Lakes Amusement Park. Can we say love? The park was virtually empty. Crazy old school and we never waited for a ride! Right up my alley. We packed lunches and rode tons of rides.

Oddly enough middle B, who is my daredevil, looked on like this most of the day

While big B, my cautious one, rode every ride he could! That's him in the back:)

Little B was happy just looking on

and after the day was finished we said goodbye to our Mimi:)

Thanks mom for the best summer ever!