Friday, August 26, 2011

Chalkboard Paint Tutorial

I am in love with chalkboard paint! It has so many uses. The only drawback is that the colors you can buy are limited. Here is an easy tutorial on how to make your own chalkboard paint.

You will need
1. Flat paint in the color of your choice
2. Unsanded tile grout
3. Stir stick or spoon in my case:)
4. Measuring utensils
4. Sandpaper - around 150 grit is good

A few notes. Depending on your project size, Home Depot and Lowes sell the 7.25 ounce samples. These are perfect and cheap (less than $3 in my area).

The unsanded tile grout will come in a wide range of white colors. A whole lotta names for white - really, it makes no difference. If you plan to ever duplicate the exact same batch you may want to note what you used. Especially if you steal it out of the garage and hide it in tupperware:) shhh don't tell!

On to business. Add 1 1/2 tablespoons of the unsanded grout to your paint. It takes a while to work the clumps out. Don't rush it, take the time on this step.

It should look similar to this when you are done. You can tell there is some texture to it but no huge clumps.

Next, get your paint on! Don't panic if you see clumps while you are applying! Just keep working it out by going over it with your brush. Once dry, use the sandpaper to lightly go over the first coat before
applying the second coat.

After your second coat, lightly sand again. This will take off any small imperfections.

To prime the surface rub the area with a piece of chalk and then clean off with a little sudsy water.

Oila, a beautiful custom color! I used this custom blue for some adorable tags in my shop on Etsy

Look out for a easy and cheap chalkboard paint project next week!

Happy Friday!